Chris z Noveho draka

( Tito van de Duvetorre - Fren Kateko)

Tsekin tuonti
Synt. 3.4.2005
SCHH3,IPO3,ZVV2, Kkl2 (Cz)
MH suoritettu
HD:A/A, ED:0/0

Vahva, hyvähermoinen puolustusviettinen narttu. Erinomainen jälkityö.
Hard and serious female with incredible trackingskills. Totally stable nerves. Strong civil drives, she always bites for real. The ideal dog for any demanding work!
Some of her littermates are Chilli z Noveho draka & Charlotta z Noveho draka.


Cora & Chris, best friends

Geisha & Chris 2014

Chris in the middle with her sister daughters, Cia (mother Chilli) and Troja (mother Charlotta) 2013

16.5.2014 Chris with her sisterdaughter Troja and two daughters from two different sister daughters

Chris is a superb trackingdog

Chris having her 9th birthday with best friend Cora

Chris with her sisters grand daughter Escaflowne Energy Running Wild


Happy Jenny with two of the best dogs ever, Dina z Milabru & Chris z Noveho draka

Cora and Chris saving one of our baby goats