Cira Grayblack "Taiga"

(Ängsbackens Rosso -  Chilli z Noveho draka)

Tsekin tuonti
Synt. 5.12.2011

Esikuvattu HD hyvä, ylimääränen selkänikama kasvanut väärin



Erittäin lupaava tasapainoinen narttupentu. Taigan emo on Chrisin sisko.
Very promising big female. Good prey drives with serious civile drives and natural trackingdrives. A dominant yet social female. Clear in the head, easy to take with you. Loves all humans but will be very serious when needed, not for all handlers.


Taiga 29 months old, May 2014

Taiga 13months old

Taiga 14 months old, 2013.

Taiga 6 months old in picture.


Minä ja Taigan emä Chilli z Noveho Draka 2013. Here I am together with chilli, the mother of Cira & Cia. Chilli is sister to my Chris.